Upcoming exhibitions

Carre dártistes Toulouse, France – ongoing 2018
Galleri Puckeln, Stockholm 22/9 – 3/10 2018
Affordable Artfair, Stockholm 11/10 – 14/10 2018
Galleri R , Linköping 27/10 – 10/11 2018

”the creative mind is a gift, that gets everything eventually falling into place”

The artist Malin Östlund’s work is like an intuitive connection to the beautiful side of life. Dreamy paintings filled with friendly souls, a gate to the garden of the senses which opens a world where you can dream, rest and sometimes heal.  

Her paintings are created with a mix of classical portrait painting and a more modern imagery that sometimes even tends to the abstract.



”Mixed mind”
My paintings are most of the time filled with many different colors and color combinations. Sometimes, however, the colors must make room for a strong and particularly expressive and strong personality

”straighten your crown”
strong women. So obvious to me. They must always be celebrated and constantly show their presence, so that we never forget. The strong women are the ones who show us the way and they are an obvious motive that often comes back in my art.”

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